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Corporate Jet

Keep private flights running smoothly with RAM® Mounts solutions in the cockpit and for passengers on board. Choose from permanent and temporary mounts to keep devices secure and accessible, from GPS devices and ADS-B units to phones and tablets. Explore the main RAM® business solutions for corporate jets below.

RAM® cradles for

Cradle X-Grip for 9- and 10-inch Tablets – RAM-HOL-UN9U

Cradle X-Grip for 5-inch Smartphone – RAM-HOL-UN7BU

Cradle for Aplie iPad Mini 6 with ball included – RAM-B-202-AP36U

Cradle with slots for Smartphone with increased thickness – RAM-HOL-UN4U

RAM® Supports for

Steering wheel clamp bracket – RAP-B-102-121BU

Leg Stand – RAM-BM-L1-SB1U

Pillar stand – RAM-B-177U

Pillar stand with round base for cradles – RAM-B-177-202U