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Technology has become an integral part of the educational experience, and RAM® supports provide the tools needed to manage the devices and ensure that they withstand the daily rigors of use. From protecting tablets, laptops, projectors, speakers and more, the versatility of the RAM® system ensures quick installation, adjustability and durability at a low cost. Explore the best RAM® solutions for instructional media below.

The Best Recommended Adhesive Attachments

Adhesive component for inflatable boats with TOUGH-TRACK slide system RAP-398-BLK-TRACK-AU

Adhesive component with 1-inch type B ball RAP-398-BLK-202U

Adhesive Component for Female Spline/Post Pins RAP-398-BLK-114BMPU

Adhesive component for inflatable boats with Bond-A-Base system RAP-398-BLKU

With belt attachment

Belt component with female with AMPS holes for Ram components.RAP-399BU

Belt component With 1-inch type B ball RAP-399BU

Belt component With 1-inch Cda-type ball RAP-399U

Camera mount with 1-inch ball female RAM-B-202-GOP1-201U