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Designed and engineered to withstand the most extreme environments, RAM® Mounts ball and socket components meet rigorous military standards to perform flawlessly in the harshest situations. RAM® systems have been used in numerous military vehicles, including MRAPs, HMMWWs, APCs, submarines, and others. These holders are almost infinitely adjustable to ensure ideal operation and display of devices. The nitrile rubber balls used have ten times the quality of tire rubber and help isolate and dampen shock and vibration harmful to electronic devices. Explore below the best RAM® solutions for military media.

Best Recommended Attachments

D-type ball flat surface mount for devices up to 3kgRAM-D-101U

Bracket with reinforced D ball for flat surface for VESA devices.RAM-D-101U-246-IN1

Support for flat surface ball type E for devices up to 7kg – RAM-E-101U

Support with E ball for flat surface for VESA devices.RAM-E-101U-246