Health Care – Assistive Technology

Technology For People With Limited Mobility

RAM® supports are used to secure a wide range of assistive technology devices aimed at maintaining or improving the functional capabilities of people with limited mobility. The innovative RAM® ball-and-socket design offers almost infinite adjustability, so devices can be easily mounted at the ideal operating and viewing angle. Users can take advantage of mounting bases such as wheelchair mounts, universal body mounts, RAM® Tough-Claw™ for rails and bars, or even create custom configurations with individual RAM® components. Explore the main commercial RAM® solutions for assistive technology supports below.

Best Recommended Attachments

Support with flexible arm and screws for wheelchair armrests.RAM-238-WCT-9-MS2

Support with double arm and screws for wheelchair armrests. RAM-238-WCT-2-MS2

Flexible wheelchair stand with clamp attachment – RAP-418-400-PA-202U

10” tablet stand with lingo arm and clamp attachment – RAM-B-400-C-UN9-ROTO1U