RAM® Mounts offers ideal mounting systems for healthcare workstations. Due to the dual ball-and-socket design of these holders, the devices can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect viewing and operating angle. Paired with a device arm and cradle, they use RAM® mounting bases, such as adhesive bases and RAM® Tough-Claw™, which are easy to attach. Explore the main RAM® enterprise solutions for workstation media in the health care industry below.

Best Recommended Attachments

Desk Stand with Intelliskin Cover and Charging DockRAM-GDS-DOCK-D2U

Double-sided adhesive attachment for smooth surface and deskRAM-238-WCT-9-MS2

Smooth surface and desk attachment for Honeywell Xenon 1902RAP-202U-HON2

Support with flexible arm with clamp for tubulars or desks.RAP-418-400-PA-202U