RAM® Mounts offers everything you need to mount electronic and mobile devices almost anywhere on motorboats. Made from premium materials, including powder-coated marine aluminum, RAM® mounting solutions allow action cameras, cup holders, fishfinders, LED spotlights, telephones, rod holders, trolling motor stabilizers, and more to be attached. Explore the best RAM® commercial solutions for powerboats below.

Best Recommended Attachments

Flat surface mount with attachment for Fishfinder and Nautical GPS.RAM-111U

Support for flat surface with short arm and Nautical GPS attachmentRAM-111U-B

Flat Surface Mount for Lowrance Hook 2 and Reveal 5 RAM-101-LO12

Reinforced D-type ball mount for Nautical GPS.RAM-D-101U-246-IN1

Fishing Rod Attachments

Plung Bulkhead Closure Fishing Rod HolderRAP-433-BMP

Fishing rod holder with closure Plung Bulkhead RAM-114-BMP

Fishing rod holder with quick release RAP-434-BMP

Side screw fishing rod holderRAM-114-BU

Marine accessories

Support with attachment Tough-Track Slide mount for top attachmentRAP-432U

Double hitch with Tough-Track attachment for securing knots and ropeRAP-431U

9” extension for Ram adapt-a-post couplings RAP-114-EX6

9” extension for Ram adapt-a-post couplings RAP-114-EX8

Best Recommended Attachments

Touch-Track composite slide mount 16”RAP-TRACK-A16Ug

18” flexible coupling with screw-on baseRAP-B-386-18U

Clamp attachment for diameter up to 4.76cmRAP-B-404U

Tough-Track Slide Mount for Kayak with Type B Ball. – RAP-B-354U-TRA1