Paddle board

Using RAM® Mounts solutions such as the RAM® Tough-Pole™ and RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup, stand-up paddleboarders will never have to leave their action camera, drink or phone behind. When it is time to put down the paddle, users can take advantage of the RAM® Tough-Clip™. Explore the best commercial RAM® paddleboard solutions below.

Best Recommended Attachments

Can holders for flat surface with suction cup attachment RAP-224-429

Flat surface cup holders with screw connection RAP-429-252037

Flat surface can holder with Leash Plug attachment. RAP-405-429

Flat surface can holder with suction cup attachment and articulating armRAM-B-132SU

Action Cam and Video Camera Attachments

Suction cup mount for action camRAM-B-166-GOP1U

Action cam mount with suction cup attachment and short armRAM-B-166-A-GOP1U

Action cam stand with GoPro mount RAP-B-GOP2-A-GOP1U

Screw mount for action cam with suction cup attachmentRAP-B-224-A-379-252025U

Best Recommended Attachments

Double suction cup base for oar – RAP-430-224U

Leash Plug system attachment and type B ball.RAP-B-405U

Type B ball and screw attachment for KayakRAP-B-379U-252050-KAY1

Double-sided adhesive attachment with type B ball.RAP-B-378U