RAM® supports can transform material handling office environments. There is no shortage of mounting solutions for a wide variety of devices. When phones and tablets are not in use in the office or warehouse, you can keep them charged and ready with IntelliSkin® and GDS® Technology™-the GDS® Docks and the GDS® Slide Dock™ are ideal solutions for creating a standardized charging ecosystem and charging carts. Explore RAM®’s leading business solutions for office media for material handling below.

Best Recommended Attachments

Intelliskin Cover Docking with Micro USB mUSB 2.0 Charge RAM-GDS-DOCK-D2U

Docking Pro for Intelliskin Cover with Micro USB Charging mUSB 2.0RAM-GDS-DOCK-D1U

Six-port docking for Cover Intelliskin RAM-GDS-DOCK-6G1PU

Docking for Intelliskin New Gen Cover with Micro USB Charging mUSB 2.0 RAM-GDS-DOCK-G7-NGU