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Whether users need to protect action cameras, drinks, GPS devices, phones, spotlights, or tablets, RAM® Mounts offers a wide range of mounting solutions for off-road vehicles. From track-mounted options like the RAM® Tough-Track™ to rugged rail bases, RAM® has everything you need to protect and keep devices accessible. Explore the main RAM® commercial solutions for powersports vehicles below.

Best Recommended Tablet Attachments

9” and 10.5” Tablet Stand with VESA mount – RAM-101B-TAB20U

Passenger seat slot attachment for 9” and 10.5” Tablet – RAM-316-HD-18-TAB20U

8” Tablet Stand with VESA MountingRAM-B-101B-TAB12U

Cradle with X-Grip system for 9” and 10” tablets – RAM-HOL-UN9U

Best Recommended Smartphone Attachments.

Suction cup mount for 4” and 5” smartphones – RAM-B-166-UN7U

Suction cup mount for 5” and 6” smartphone with long arm – RAM-B-166-C-UN10U

Stand with adhesive attachment for 4” and 5” smartphones – RAP-B-378-UN7U

Suction cup mount for 5” and 6” smartphone with medium arm – RAM-B-166-UN10U

Best Recommended Mounts for Action Cams

Action Cam mount with dual clamp and handlebar mounts – RAM-B-149Z-2-GOP1U

Suction cup mount for Action Cam and GoPro all models – RAM-B-166-GOP1U

Action Cam mount with clamp attachment for handlebars with large diameter – RAP-B-404-GOP1U

Action Cam mount with flat surface mount and long arm – RAM-B-138-C-GOP1

Lamps other attachments

Screw connection with metric pitch M10 3/8 -16 UNC threadRAM-B-236U

Lamp with 1-inch type B ball equal to 2.54cm – RAM-B-152B

Short 6cm composite arm from 1” type B ball – RAP-B-201U-A

9cm composite composite medium arm from 1” type B ball – RAP-B-201U