RAM Mount Mechanical Drawings

Here is a list of RAM Mount mechanical drawings for a number of their products. Click the PDF link to view an item’s mechanical drawing. File sizes tend to be large so please allow a few seconds for the file to load. In some browsers you may be able to right-click the link and save the PDF file to your computer for future reference. All drawings are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat or similar PDF viewer required.

Part Number Mechanical Drawing PDF Link Description
RAM-101U-B RAM101-B-DRAWING.pdf 1.5 inch Ball 2.25 inch Arm with Dual 2.5 inch Plate
RAM-101U-D RAM101-D-DRAWING.pdf 1.5 inch Ball 7.88 inch Arm with Dual 2.5 inch Plate
RAM-101U RAM101-DRAWING.pdf Dual Round Plate Mount with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-107U RAM107-DRAWING.pdf Humminbird Screw Down Large Marine Mount
RAM-107BU RAM107B-DRAWING.pdf Hummingbird Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-108A-DU RAM108A-D-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate Long U-Strap Base Mount 1.5 Ball
RAM-108AU RAM108A-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate U-Strap Base Mount 1.5 Ball
RAM-108BAU RAM108BA-DRAWING.pdf Universal U-Strap Base with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-109-1AU RAM109-1A-DRAWING.pdf Bent Swing Arm Extension with 4 inch Bolt
RAM-109H-1U RAM109H-1-DRAWING.pdf Horizontal Dual Bent Swing Arm with Post Plate
RAM-109H-2U RAM109H-2-DRAWING.pdf Horizontal Straight Swing and Ball Arm with Plate
RAM-109H-BU RAM109H-B-DRAWING.pdf Horizontal Swing Arm Bolt Base
RAM-109HU RAM109H-DRAWING.pdf Horizontal Bent Swing Arm with 2x6.25 inch Post Plate
RAM-109V-1U RAM109V-1-DRAWING.pdf Vertical Dual Bent Swing Arm with Post Plate
RAM-109V-2U RAM109V-2-DRAWING.pdf Vertical Swing Arm 4.63 inch Arm Marine Plate
RAM-109V-BU RAM109V-B-DRAWING.pdf Vertical Swing Arm Bolt Base
RAM-109VU RAM109V-DRAWING.pdf Vertical Bent Swing Arm with Rectangular Post Plate
RAM-111U-D RAM111-D-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular Plate Long Arm Round Base Mount 1.5 Ball
RAM-111U RAM111-DRAWING.pdf Marine Plate Screw Down Round Base Mount 1.5 Ball
RAM-111BU RAM111B-DRAWING.pdf Electronics Plate on 1.5 inch Ball RAM-111BU
RAM-114FMU RAM114FM-DRAWING.pdf Plastic ROD 2000 Post Flush Base
RAM-118U RAM118-DRAWING.pdf RAM-118
RAM-120BU RAM120B-DRAWING.pdf Aluminum Universal Clamp Cradle C-Ball RAM-120BU
RAM-162AU RAM162A-DRAWING.pdf Dual Ratchet-C Arm Kit RAM-162AU
RAM-162SU RAM162S-DRAWING.pdf Short Ratchet-C Arm Kit RAM-162SU
RAM-201U RAM201-DRAWING.pdf Standard Length Dual 1.5 inch Socket Arm
RAM-201U-D RAM201D-DRAWING.pdf Long Length Dual 1.5 inch Socket Arm
RAM-202U-12 RAM202-12-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular 1 x 2 inch Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-202U RAM202-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate with 1.5 inch Ball RAM-202U
RAM-202AU RAM202A-DRAWING.pdf Camera Thread on Round Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-205U RAM205-DRAWING.pdf Light Weight Tri-Pod Base with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-208U RAM208-DRAWING.pdf 1.5 inch Ball on 0.63 inch dia Post
RAM-217-1U RAM217-1-DRAWING.pdf Dual or Tri 1.5 inch Ball Round Plate and Hole
RAM-218-1U RAM218-1-DRAWING.pdf Female 0.5 inch NPT Thread with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-230U RAM230-DRAWING.pdf Double 1.5 inch Ball Arm
RAM-231U RAM231-DRAWING.pdf Stainless Steel Rail U-Bolt Base with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-234-3 RAM234-3-DRAWING.pdf Laptop Mount Tough Tray RAM-234-3
RAM-235U RAM235-DRAWING.pdf Dual Stainless Steel U-Bolt Base 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-236U RAM236-DRAWING.pdf 0.38-16 Male Thread with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-237U RAM237-DRAWING.pdf 0.25-20 Male Thread with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-238U RAM238-DRAWING.pdf Diamond Plate with 1.5 inch Ball RAM-238U
RAM-239U RAM239-DRAWING.pdf Post with 0.31-18 Male Thread on 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-243U RAM243-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular 2.81x5 inch Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-246U RAM246-DRAWING.pdf VESA 75 100 Compatible Monitor Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-2461U RAM2461-DRAWING.pdf Square 75mm VESA Monitor Plate with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-247U-17 RAM247-17-DRAWING.pdf Square 1.7 inch Rail Clamp Base with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-247U-25 RAM247-25-DRAWING.pdf Square 2.5 inch Rail Clamp Base with 1.5 inch Ball
RAM-251-1 RAM251-1-DRAWING.pdf Zinc Weighted Base
RAM-251-1SA RAM251-1SA-DRAWING.pdf Aluminum Weighted Base
RAM-266U RAM266-DRAWING.pdf RAM-267 Support Leg Connector
RAM-267U-L1 RAM267-L1-DRAWING.pdf RAM-267-L1
RAM-267U-L2 RAM267-L2-DRAWING.pdf RAM-267-L2
RAM-335 RAM335-DRAWING.pdf Steel Rectangular Plate Sandwich Base
RAM-A-101U RAMA101-DRAWING.pdf Aluminum Dual Plate A Ball Mount RAM-A-101U
RAM-A-238U RAMA238-DRAWING.pdf Diamond Plate with A-Ball RAM-A-238U
RAM-B-101U RAMB101-DRAWING.pdf Double Round Plate Assembly
RAM-B-111BU RAMB111B-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular 6.25 x 2 inch Plate on 1.0 inch Ball
RAM-B-120BU RAMB120B-DRAWING.pdf Aluminum Universal Clamp Cradle B-Ball RAM-B-120BU
RAM-B-138U RAMB138-DRAWING.pdf Screw Down Standard Arm Diamond Assembly
RAM-B-166-202U RAMB166-202-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate Suction Mount RAM-B-166-202U
RAM-B-201U RAMB201-DRAWING.pdf Medium Arm B-Socket RAM-B-201U
RAM-B-201U-A RAMB201A-DRAWING.pdf Short Arm B-Socket RAM-B-201U-A
RAM-B-201U-C RAMB201C-DRAWING.pdf Long Arm B-Socket RAM-B-201U-C
RAM-B-202U RAMB202-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate with 1 inch Ball RAM-B-202U
RAM-B-218-1U RAMB218-1-DRAWING.pdf 0.25 inch NPT Thread with Single 1 inch Ball
RAM-B-224U RAMB224-DRAWING.pdf 4 inch dia Suction Base with 1 inch Ball
RAM-B-230U RAMB230-DRAWING.pdf 1.75 inch Long Double 1 inch Ball Arm
RAM-B-231U RAMB231STEEL-DRAWING.pdf Steel U-Bolt Motorcycle Mount Base RAM-B-231U
RAM-B-236U RAMB236-DRAWING.pdf 0.38-16 Male Thread with 1 inch Ball
RAM-B-237U RAMB237-DRAWING.pdf Camera Thread B-Ball RAM-B-237U
RAM-B-238U RAMB238-DRAWING.pdf Diamond Plate with 1 inch Ball RAM-B-238U
RAM-B-309-1U RAMB309-1-DRAWING.pdf Motorcycle Handle Base with Single 1 inch Ball
RAM-B-345U RAMB345-DRAWING.pdf Motorcycle Reservoir Center Cover Base
RAM-B-346U RAMB346-DRAWING.pdf Motorcycle Extended Reservoir Cover Base
RAM-D-101U-C RAMD101-C-DRAWING.pdf Dual Round Plate Short Mount 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-101U RAMD101-DRAWING.pdf Dual Round Plate Standard Mount 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-111U-C RAMD111-C-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular Plate Short Arm Round Base Mount 2.25 Ball
RAM-D-111U RAMD111-DRAWING.pdf Large Plate Screw Down Mount 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-111BU RAMD111B-DRAWING.pdf Rectangular 11 x 3 inch Plate on 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-162H-MC1 RAMD162H-MC1-DRAWING.pdf D-Ratchet Large Plate Mount RAM-D-162H-MC1
RAM-D-162H-MC2 RAMD162H-MC2-DRAWING.pdf D-Ratchet Short VESA Mount RAM-D-162H-MC2
RAM-D-162V-MC1 RAMD162V-MC1-DRAWING.pdf D-Ratchet Large Plate Mount RAM-D-162V-MC1
RAM-D-162V-MC2 RAMD162V-MC2-DRAWING.pdf D-Ratchet Short VESA Mount RAM-D-162V-MC2
RAM-D-164BU RAMD164B-DRAWING.pdf Pedestal Base with 24 inch Long Pipe
RAM-D-201U RAMD201-DRAWING.pdf Double 2.25 inch dia Socket Arm
RAM-D-202U RAMD202-DRAWING.pdf 3.68 inch dia Plate with 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-218-1 RAMD218-1-DRAWING.pdf 2.25 inch Ball with Single 1 inch NPT Thread
RAM-D-230U RAMD230-DRAWING.pdf Double 2.25 inch dia Ball Arm
RAM-D-246U RAMD246-DRAWING.pdf VESA 75 100mm Monitor Plate with 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-2461U RAMD2461-DRAWING.pdf VESA 75mm Monitor Plate with 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-247U-25 RAMD247-25-DRAWING.pdf Square 2.5 inch Max Width Rail Clamp Base with 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-D-254U RAMD254-DRAWING.pdf Round 2.5 inch dia Round Plate with 2.25 inch Ball
RAM-E-101U RAME101-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate Surface Mount RAM-E-101U
RAM-E-101U-D RAME101D-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate Surface Mount Short RAM-E-101U-D
RAM-E-111BU RAME111B-DRAWING.pdf Large Plate on E Ball RAM-E-111BU
RAM-E-201U RAME201-DRAWING.pdf Medium Dual E-Socket Arm RAM-E-201U
RAM-E-202U RAME202-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate on E Ball RAM-E-202U
RAM-E-202U-SYM1 RAME202-SYM1-DRAWING.pdf Round Plate 6 on E Ball RAM-E-202U-SYM1
RAM-E-246U RAME246-DRAWING.pdf VESA Plate on E Ball RAM-E-246U
RAM-E-247U-25 RAME247-25-DRAWING.pdf Post Base on E Ball RAM-E-247U-25
RAM-HOL-GET1PU RAMHOLGET1P-DRAWING.pdf Getac E100 Powered Tablet PC Cradle
RAM-HOL-PD1U RAMHOLPD1-DRAWING.pdf Universal PDA Top Clamp Cradle
RAM-KNOB9HU RAMKNOB9H-DRAWING.pdf Cold Weather Handle Wrench for D Size Arm
RAM-VB-168 RAMVB168-DRAWING.pdf Big Rig Semi Trucks Vehicle Mount Base