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RAM® Mounts offers ideal mounting systems for cargo vans for securing phones, tablets, laptops or GPS devices. The popular RAM® X-Grip® mount is perfect for almost any phone or tablet and can be attached to a variety of mounting bases. For large electronic devices, RAM® No-Drill™ bases such as the RAM® Pod HD™ combine versatility, durability and ease of installation. Other options include adhesive dashboard bases and single, double and triple suction cup bases. Explore the best RAM® business solutions for cargo van supports below.

Best Recommended Tablet Attachments

14″ to 21″ Notebook Floor Stand for Ford Trasit – RAM-VB-194-SW1

14″ to 23″ Notebook Floor Stand Promaster RAM-VB-129-A-SW1

Passenger seat slot attachment for 9” and 10.5” Tablet – RAM-316-HD-18-TAB20U

9” and 10.5” Tablet Stand with VESA mount – RAM-101B-TAB20U