Transportation – Semi-trailers


Semi-trailers traveling the world’s roads rely on RAM® mounts to keep devices safe and accessible in the cab for long trips. Regardless of the device to be attached, you can choose from a wide range of reliable mounting bases, including drill, adhesive, suction cup, and RAM® No-Drill™ bases. Paired with phones, tablets, telematics devices and more, the RAM® ball-and-socket system offers nearly infinite adjustability and vibration damping.

Best Recommended Attachments

14″ to 21″ Notebook Floor Stand for Ford Trasit – RAM-VB-194-SW1

14″ to 23″ Notebook Floor Stand Notebook Promaster RAM-VB-129-A-SW1

Passenger seat slot attachment for 9” and 10.5” Tablet – RAM-316-HD-18-TAB20U

9” and 10.5” Tablet Stand with VESA mount – RAM-101B-TAB20U