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RAM® Mounts offers a variety of versatile mounting solutions that are ideal for the cockpit. Rely on RAM® to safely store almost any device, including tablets of any size with the RAM® X-Grip® or RAM® Tab-Tite™ spring-loaded stand. Our successful experience includes working with major commercial airlines such as Alaska, American and Delta. Explore the main RAM® business solutions for commercial airlines below.

Best Recommended Products for Large Tablets

Double suction cup holder with adjustment rodRAM-B-189-PIV1-TAB20-ALA1U-KRU

Dual suction cup holder with X-Grip system and adjusting rodRAM-B-189-PIV1-UN9U

Suction cup mount for iPad Pro 11″, Air 4 & Air 5 RAM-B-166-AP23U

Dual suction cup holder for 9- and 10-inch tablets.RAM-B-189-PIV1-UN9U-KRU

Best Recommended Products for Small Tablets

Dual suction cup holder with X-Grip system for 7- and 8-inch tabletsRAM-B-189-UN8-ALA1-KRU

Yoke Clamp Holder for Apple iPad mini 6 RAM-B-121-AP36U

Yoke Clamp Holder for 7″-8″ Tablets RAM-B-121-UN8U

Suction cup stand for Apple iPad mini 6 RAM-B-166-AP36U